It  is the largest University in Ireland, the involved School of Computer Science is expert in the area of applications of ICT in a number of different domains with the main focus of applications in education.

It is a high-ranking university, strongly linked to people and society with a particular mission in current societal issues. Its teamwork bring to the project a well-established know-how in the application of PBS approach at European level.

It is the Portuguese institution with the highest number of students, teachers, degree courses and schools. It brings to the project a great know-how in many aspects of teacher education.

the only Italian institute exclusively devoted to research in the field of educational technology with a large expertise in development ICT applications in the field of Lifelong Learning processes.

It is a part of Ministry of National Education with a specific vocation in the coordination and supervision of several educational training activities. The Directorate is also responsible from improvement of technological possibilities and educational fields of vocational education institutions in the district of Ankara, capital city of Turkey.

It brings an extensive experience in research methodology, psychometrics and in particular in the analysis of evidence-based practices.

is a well-known English charity with a great experience in tracking roadmaps to advance the rights of people with special needs.

Expert in implementing inclusive education for children with intellectual disabilities